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    However good you think you are with money, there are several easy mistakes that people often make, resulting in money being wasted. We’ve compiled a list of just some of the ways that people (unknowingly) waste money every day. Hopefully next time you reach for your wallet, you’ll think twice about fluttering away your hard-earned cash.

    1 – Grocery shopping on an empty stomach: We’ve all done it at some point, filling the shopping trolley with lots of things that we don’t need, just because we’re hungry at that time. Have a meal before you go and concentrate on buying only the essentials.

    2 – Not bothering to find the best deal: Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with lots of spare time to locate the best deals…but that’s no excuse. Unless it’s absolutely vital that you buy the item there and then, bide your time. Check online and find where the best deals are. The savings will soon add up.

    3 – Buying something just because it’s on sale: A good rule of thumb; in most cases, if you wouldn’t have considered buying it at full price, don’t buy it just because it’s discounted!

    4 – Paying a dubious bill or added charge without questioning it: Most people keep mental tabs of how much they expect to pay on bills, however vague these might be. If you open a bill and there’s an unexpected charge or the amount seems higher than usual, the chances are that something’s wrong. Make a call and find out exactly what you’re paying for before you make any payment.

    5 – Calling 0845 from a mobile: Sometimes, there’s no avoiding it. 0845 numbers always crop up and many of us only use mobile phones. 0845 numbers aren’t included in mobile contract minutes and can cost a small fortune if you’re left on hold. Most companies have numbers to call from overseas. These will quite often be local numbers and there’s nothing stopping you from using that number and using your monthly minutes.

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