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    Debt has become a normal part of many Britons’ lifestyles, an expert has warned.

    Anna Sofat, director of money management firm ADDIDI Wealth, suggested that in the past, people have allowed themselves to fall into high levels of debt, hoping that interest rates would remain low enough for repayment to be relatively painless.

    Now, however, the credit crunch has pushed up the cost of borrowing and the availability of credit, causing difficulties for people who hoped to refinance their outstanding borrowing, she continued.

    "We’ve been living on perhaps a large percentage of debt and we have something of a lifestyle, to some extent, of debt and that can’t be cheated for ever and a day," Ms Sofat added.

    A recent survey by Citizens Advice revealed that record numbers of Britons are seeking help with their debt issues and an increased number are struggling to pay their essential household bills and mortgage repayments.

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