What Are Creditors?

Simply put, creditors are people to whom someone owes money. Many people get into financial difficulty because they pay the wrong creditors first so when managing finances it is important to divide your debts into priority and non-priority debts.

Priority debts include debts that could result in your losing your home or an essential supply, if they are not paid. So an example list of what debts are usually regarded as priority would include your rent/mortgage and secured loans, council tax, electricity and gas, water rates, Magistrates’ court fines, payments under a HP agreement, conditional sale agreements, rented and hired goods.

Other  priority debts  include water charges, County Court Judgement’s, insurance (car and home) and insurance/payment protection policies.

MoneySolve can help determine which of your creditor debts are priority debts and offer an ethical approach to helping you come to an appropriate repayment programme with your non priority creditors. Contact us through our freephone telephone number above or complete the call back application form.

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