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    We can help defend repossession proceedings with a minimum of notice. People who have unpaid unsecured debt may also struggle to meet loans which are secured on their home. This can lead to repossession proceedings by the bank or building society from whom money was borrowed to purchase the property.

    Are you at risk of losing your home through repossession?

    Many people find themselves facing repossession as our volatile economy leads to redundancies and loss of earnings. Others find themselves facing repossession because they are unable to work due to accidents or sudden ill health.

    You are not alone and we may be able to help you as we have helped others in your position. We can help you by defending repossession proceedings. We can arrange legal representation at such hearings (from a fully qualified solicitor or barrister) to ensure that your voice is heard in court. We will then consider your position in the round and provide you with a real long term solution to your difficulties.

    MoneySolve can fight repossession for you and help to save your house, property, car etc. Contact us now for immediate help

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