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    Millions of households are due to receive letters from their energy suppliers advising them on how to reduce their monthly outgoings.

    This announcement follows meetings between Prime Minister David Cameron and bosses at the ‘big six’ firms, as well as consultations with Ofgem (the industry regulator) and consumer groups.

    Suppliers will be writing to customers to advise them on the savings they can make by switching payment methods, choosing the most suitable tariff, and getting subsidised or free insulation installed.

    They have also agreed to include message on bills this winter reminding customers to check whether they might be able to get a better deal with another company.

    The PM told bosses at EDF Energy, nPower, Scottish & Southern Energy, Scottish Power, British Gas and EON that it was ‘absolutely vital’ that they don’t cripple consumers with higher fuel bills when they’re already struggling with the rising cost of food and travel.

    Cameron described the move as a “winter call to action” and said that the energy companies will be “permanently watched” to ensure they adhere to the pledges that have been made.

    Ofgem recently released data indicating that the annual profit made by energy firms for each customer had risen from £15 in June to £125 in October. These figures were disputed by suppliers, however.

    Before the end of the year, Ofgem will publish a report outlining how conduct in the industry can be improved, and how its activities can be made more transparent.

    The average household now faces an annual energy bill of £1,345 – an increase of 81% since 2006.

    If you are struggling with debt as a result of rising energy bills, we can provide you with confidential debt advice. Get in touch to speak to an expert today.

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