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    If you’re struggling to manage a number of different debts, it may be that you could benefit from tightening your belt a bit and making cut backs on your monthly spending.

    There are ways you can cut your spending when it comes to both essential and non-essential expenses. Here are just a few ideas!

    • Are you paying the best rates possible for your utilities? Look at alternative providers and see if you could save money by switching.
    • Do you buy your lunches during the working week? Consider making them at home. It’s surprising just how much you can save doing this
    • Write yourself a shopping list before you go food shopping. Oh, and make yourself stick to it. Many of us are guilty of impulse purchases while we’re walking around the supermarket and they can really add up
    • Shop around for cheaper home insurance. There’s no shortage of price comparison sites out there that make it quick for you to compare quotes from loads of providers!
    • Avoid the plastic where possible! Paying for things on credit cards can really add up. Not only are you paying the price of your purchase, but then interest on top. If you simply can’t live without credit, shop around for a low rate credit card.

    These are a handful of the countless ways to cut back. It just takes a bit of imagination!

    However, if you’ve cut back absolutely as far as you possibly can and still can’t meet your monthly commitments, contact one of our experts for free, confidential debt advice today.

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