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    Four out of ten Britons are worried about their Christmas spending, a new report has revealed.

    Despite this, the study by Alliance & Leicester has shown that 60 per cent of people view erstwhile luxuries such as bottled water and takeaway lunches as necessities, while 31 per cent are unwilling to cut back on such spending.

    Ross Dalzell, manager for savings at Alliance & Leicester, said there are some very simple ways for people to cut back on their spending in order to save for Christmas.

    She suggested the two million Britons who consume takeaway hot drinks each day should reduce that to three times a week, potentially saving more than £200 a year.

    "To avoid a spending nightmare before Christmas they could look at their regular spending more closely and consider whether they could make some minor changes to their lifestyle," added Ms Dalzell.

    However, for some debtors, their spending concerns result from overstretched finances rather than treating themselves.

    Many people have found a year of high interest rates has combined with the credit crunch to push up the cost of their debt.

    One option for dealing with unaffordable debt is an individual voluntary arrangement, which sets the person debt free within a set period of time and freezes interest repayments.

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