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    Consumers are being told that they should always be saving whatever the economic climate to boost their debt management capabilities by one building society.

    Nationwide warns that with household incomes under pressure there could be decreases in the amount people put aside each month, which could further widen the savings gap and leave those more vulnerable at risk.

    A finance expert from the building society states that consumers should always be saving regardless of the current economic situation.

    "By regularly putting money aside consumers will have peace of mind that they have something to fall back on should they need it," she explains.

    As well as meaning they have a debt management pot in place should they need it, when interest rates increase again savers will find they get better returns on their nest-egg.

    Long-term saving is particularly important and consumers should not avoid putting money away for retirement just because rates are low, the expert adds.

    Figures from NS&I show that Britons have saved an average of £86.35 a month over the last year and put away more over the winter months than during summer.

    Its research also shows that there is room for Brits to improve their debt management, with nearly a third saying they spend more than they would like each month.

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