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    Families in Wear Valley have been warned to steer clear of debt his Christmas and avoid a "financial hangover".

    Debt advisors from the local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) told the Northern Echo the area has one of the highest levels of debt in Britain.

    CAB spokesperson Peter Singer acknowledged it could be difficult not to edge into the red as the shops are filled with food, games and presents, but added that many people suffer the effects of overspending in January and February.

    "Christmas should be fun, but it can be an expensive and stressful time as well, particularly for families struggling with a low income," he stated.

    A recent study by Lloyds TSB revealed 59 per cent of Britons anticipate overspending this festive season, anticipating an additional spend of £174 each.

    It found 41 per cent of those questioned said the most likely reason for overspending at Christmas is failing to set a budget for the season.

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