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    Brits are being reminded of the importance of being honest when making debt management plans.

    A successful plan can only be made if all debts, rent or mortgage arrears, credit and store cards and catalogue bills are taken into account, Mirror.co.uk states.

    The news provider points out that debt management firms can only ensure a complete and workable strategy is provided if all debts are considered.

    It also highlights the potential danger of adding new debts to a pay plan once it has been set up, saying: "This is usually not a good stance and it can backfire."

    Adding extra debts alters the original plan and could lead to creditors rejecting a new schedule, the website warns.

    Last week, it was revealed that many people hide the extent of their debt management problems from their partners, burying their heads in the sand rather than talking about their concerns.

    The figures from Sainsbury’s Finance also showed that nearly one in ten people regularly miss bill payment deadlines.

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