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    Debtors who are still struggling to repay their Christmas spending should remain calm and face up to their financial problems, a leading charity has urged.

    The Plymouth Citizens Advice Bureau has suggested that those facing money difficulties should avoid borrowing further sums.

    It told local paper the Herald that debtors should sit down and work out what their priority debts are, such as mortgage rent and energy bills.

    Borrowers must not "fall into the trap" of simply paying the most aggressive or loud creditor first, the local charity continued.

    "Only offer to pay off debts at a rate you can keep up – it is easy to be panicked into offering more than you can afford," the bureau concluded.

    Debtors who have concerns over their ability to manage their creditors themselves may want to consider a debt management company.

    Such firms can negotiate with lenders on the borrower’s behalf and agree affordably monthly payments.

    This solution is best for people who have lower levels of debt but find it difficult to manage their repayments.

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