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    Around 30 per cent of people keep financial secrets from their partners, a newly published survey has revealed.

    A study by private bank Cater Allen has revealed that 27 per cent of women have lied to their partner about the cost of clothes they have bought, while 28 per cent of men have concealed the price of a gadget.

    Richard Dunn, managing director of Cater Allen, said: "While it has traditionally been considered bad manners to talk about money, this research shows that modern Britons are not comfortable with being upfront about their financial affairs too."

    A recent study by financial comparison website Fool.co.uk discovered that one in six people have lied about their levels of debt and one in ten cannot bring themselves to open bank statements or other financial documents.

    David Kuo, head of personal finance at the website, said discussing finances openly and seeking help and advice is preferable to being chased by creditors.

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