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    A number of the country’s workers are failing to take all of their holiday entitlement over fears of their job security, a poll has found.

    Commissioned by Teletext Holidays, the research found that more than a third of workers are nervous about using their full allowance due to the credit crunch.

    A further 28 per cent are concerned that taking time off may prevent them from meeting their targets, with many ending the year with three days’ holiday withstanding.

    "Most employers won’t exchange unused holiday for cash, so based on an average UK salary of £24,000 not taking three days of leave is equivalent of giving up your time to the value of £300 to your employer for free," said Victoria Sanders, managing director of Teletext Holidays.

    The research also found that 75 per cent of people believe their lives are more stressful than in the past and two-thirds blame this on the credit crunch.

    According to the Work Foundation, there are many benefits to be had from a good work/life balance, including increased productivity, reduced overheads and a more motivated workforce.

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