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    Following fears of a global recession and turbulence within worldwide markets, a newspaper has warned Britons to take action on their debt in order to cope with the economic slowdown.

    The Times has urged people to begin budgeting in order to manage their finances more effectively as the effects of the credit crunch begin to impact on Britain’s economy.

    It called upon people to make their lunch at home rather than buying it during the day and to stop buying expensive takeaway coffees.

    "Be stricter with yourself and check your direct debits in case you are paying for anything you have forgotten about," the newspaper continued.

    The government urges people who are struggling to manage their money to calculate a personal budget as it can help them avoid over-committing to a lender and allow them to negotiate with their creditors.

    It suggests those who plan their finances carefully but find themselves short consider cutting down to the "bare essentials" as they repay what they owe.

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