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    A large number of Britons anticipate that they will be below the poverty line once they retire, a new report has found.

    Research conducted by Fairinvestment.co.uk has shown that 19 per cent of people believe that when they retire they face financial hardship.

    Furthermore, 11 per cent of people claimed they are simply "living for today" and have no financial preparations in place for their senior years.

    James Caldwell, director at Fairinvestment.co.uk, suggested that many people are not paying money into a pension or to savings because the credit crunch and rising cost of food and fuel are causing their finances to be strained.

    "Britons have found themselves taking on increasing levels of debt over the last five years, so saving for retirement has not been high on the priority list for many as they strive to keep up with repayments," he continued.

    Mr Caldwell suggested that the financially prudent attitude of the past has transformed into a more reckless attitude.

    Last month, financial advice website Fool.co.uk urged consumers to build a decent savings pot after research showed the country is happy to spend on credit.

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