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    British consumers look set to become more environmentally friendly in an effort to cut their costs and avoid money problems, it has been claimed.

    According to a report from Tesco Personal Finance dramatic increases in fuel prices will result in millions of households "going green" in search of energy and cost savings.

    In fact, most of the homeowners polled recently said that the rises in fuel costs will force them to save energy but 83 per cent admitted that they could currently be doing more to limit their impact on the environment.

    "Going green takes a little bit of effort but can reap huge rewards in the long and short-term," said Paul Baxter from Tescocompare.com.

    "There are lots of things that cost next to nothing, which we can all do on a day-to-day basis to reduce our carbon footprint and energy bills."

    According to a recent report from Combined Insurance, rises in the cost of living in the first half of this year have left many British households facing serious money problems.

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