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    For those struggling with debt, the first plan of action should be to draw up a budget, according to the Thrifty Scot.

    By doing so, consumers can identify any area of spending that can be limited or curtailed in order to provide additional funds to go towards things like credit cards and mortgage payments, the online resource suggests.

    Furthermore, individuals should look to pay off debts with lowest amounts first and make minimum contributions to larger bills.

    When the smaller debt is paid off, the extra money that would normally have gone towards payment should be added to another larger bill, the advice site comments.

    "Eventually you will see light at the end of the tunnel and have all your accounts up to date or paid in full," it asserts.

    For those who with more substantial problems, debt management plans and individual voluntary arrangements are identified as effective tools to get finances back on track.

    The Thrifty Scot has recently commented that the global credit crunch will continue to make it increasingly difficult for many consumers to obtain credit from lenders.

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