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    Consumers who resort to buy now, pay later deals could find themselves in financial difficulties, it has been suggested.

    Chris Tapp, director of Credit Action, said such deals tend to appeal to people on lower incomes as they "get them out of necessity" when they cannot afford to pay the amount upfront and in full.

    "Unfortunately, particularly at the lower end [of the financial spectrum] , there could be some problems with people struggling to make these types of repayments, so there is always that risk," he stated.

    Raising debt management issues early on is key to overcoming them, Mr Tapp suggested, as this gives time for some sort of arrangement to be met.

    Last month, statistics from Credit Action showed that the average house has decreased in value by £92 every day during the last 12 months, while 285 mortgage possession claims will be issued and 319 mortgage possession orders made today.

    Furthermore, it believes that 20.3 million plastic card purchase transactions will be made today with a total value of £1.02 billion.

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