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    People with money problems are inundating the Citizens Advice Bureaux (CAB) with requests for debt advice, according to the charity’s director of policy.

    Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Teresa Perchard said Citizens Advice’s service is "busting at the seams" with demand from people who need help with debt problems.

    Her comments come as she welcomed government proposals aimed at overcoming debt problems through the provision of free financial guidance.

    Ms Perchard said the CAB is "very keen" on seeing Otto Thoresen’s plans come into force.

    She suggested his estimation that some 19 million consumers need help with debt management and money issues rings true, as the CAB sees high levels of demand from people needing debt advice.

    "So really there needs to be a bit more investment in financial advice rather than just expecting existing voluntary and charitable services to take the strain," Ms Perchard said.

    Published today, the final report of the Thoresen Review of Generic Financial Advice claims to be a "high-level blueprint" for providing British residents with a national money guidance service.

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