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    UK residents are spending big on the weekends, according to the Co-operative bank, with total average lifetime spending on Saturdays said to amount to £549,000.

    Such a figure equates to an average annual weekend expenditure of £9,077 per year.

    In turn, this means that Britons are spending an average of £175 every Saturday, despite growing concerns about debt and increased living costs.

    Shoe and clothes were identified as the most commonly purchased items, while electronics goods and entertainment also featured prominently on spending receipts.

    Maxine Xodo, product manager for The Co-operative Bank credit cards, commented: "It is important for people to plan ahead with their spending so it doesn’t come as a surprise when their bills come through the door."

    More than half (54 per cent) of those interviewed said that they were justified in their sabbatical spending because they worked so hard during the week.

    Last month, the Co-operative bank advised parents to be wary of debts and costs arising from keeping children entertained during school breaks.

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