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    The recent increases in credit card rates are likely to continue in 2008, according to price comparison site Moneyfacts.

    At the beginning of November the firm revealed that there had been a total of 125 increases in credit card rates and fees during the preceding two months.

    Samantha Owens, head of personal finance at Moneyfacts, said an increase in rates were the only way credit card providers can make back the money after offering good deals and rates for a long period of time.

    People who transfer their credit card balances after Christmas also need to be aware of the transfer balance fee, she added.

    The firm reported in November that ten credit cards had increased the cost of transferring balances.

    "[Customers should] keep an eye on their credit cards, make sure they check their statements and the little leaflets that are in there, to make sure that the interest rate isn’t going up," advised Ms Owens.

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