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    Many UK consumers fear changing their current account in case it affects their credit rating, it has been revealed.

    Figures from Santander show one in eight people are steering clear from looking for a new account as they are worried about their credit score, despite 52 per cent of people having the same account they did ten years ago.

    "Our research shows that nearly one in ten say they now keep a larger balance in their current account compared to 12 months ago, so it seems that many British banking customers are missing out on some easy money," commented Emma Walkley, current accounts manager for Abbey and Alliance & Leicester.

    Three in then people think it is not financially advantageous to switch accounts, regardless of the better credit interest rates on offer.

    A recent NS&I survey found that over half of the British population said their outgoings prevented them from saving more, but 32 per cent of people said they spent more than they would ideally like every month.

    The average value of people’s total savings was £17,443, the study also found.

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