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    Debt is a massive issue for people across the UK, according to Rachel Lacey, editor of personal finance publication Moneywise.

    Ms Lacey has suggested that for many British consumers debt-related problems arise as a result of their lack of understanding of how personal finance products work.

    With this in mind, the Moneywise editor has insisted that children in schools around the country should be taught the basics of how to effectively manage their personal finances and stand a better chance of avoiding serious debts.

    Issues such as how best to use credit cards in a such a way that debt levels remain manageable ought to be part addressed in the UK’s classrooms, Ms Lacey went on to claim.

    "These problems aren’t going away, so what we’d like to see is personal finance being taught in every school as a core part of the national curriculum," she said.

    Figures released by the Credit Action charity recently have shown that the average household in the UK currently pays around £3,800 in interest repayments on an annual basis.

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