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    Debt advice companies have witnessed a surge in people looking for their assistance since the credit crunch began, it is claimed.

    With more restricted access to credt, OK! Magazine emphasises the impact of the recession on what it calls the "Joe public", saying many have turned to debt management firms for advice.

    It believes that this has led people have had to start thinking about other solutions to get them out of their debt difficulties, which may include debt management plans or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)."

    People are spending less as they do not have as much disposable cash available, the magazine reveals, with companies suffering as a result.

    Unemployment is likewise on the increase, with official figures showing in recent days it now stands at 6.5 per cent.

    The rate of employment for people of working age – in the three months leading up to January 2009 – stood at 74.1 per cent.

    With fewer loans available to save them, the magazine believes people are continuing to struggle in the credit crunch.

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