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    Consumers looking to tackle a mountain of debt are being reassured that with the right debt management solution they can be successful.

    A well-thought-out spending plan is needed to make the most of income while eliminating unnecessary spending, explains bankrate.com.

    This plan simply lists all sources of income, including where it all goes, and redirects some of it elsewhere that is more in line with the debt management goal, the news provider continues.

    Priorities in any debt management plan should be to keep a roof over your head, food on the table and retain the ability to actually get to work to earn money, the website adds, while things such as cable TV can be cancelled.

    "As you work over your spending and maximize your income, you may find your mountain may not be as steep as you thought," it states.

    The recession taking hold of the country is encouraging Brits to think more about their finances, the Charities Aid Foundation said earlier this week.

    Its figures revealed that more than three-quarters are changing their spending habits in the current economic climate.

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