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    Continuing problems with personal debt could put a strain on the UK economy, an expert has warned.

    According to Chris Tapp, director of Credit Action, debt management issues were prominent before the recession and have been made worse since.

    He continued: "As a nation we are still feeling the effects of the borrowing binge that we have been on for the past decade or so.

    "You would hope that as people come to the realisation, as the recession has shown us, that the levels of debt we as consumers have is completely unsustainable."

    Consumers need to learn to be patient rather than looking for instant gratification when they buy a product, Mr Tapp emphasised, with recent statistics hoped to be a wake-up call for those with debt management problems.

    Total UK personal debt at the end of May stood at £1,459 billion, figures from Credit Action show, while total secured lending on dwellings stood at £1,226 billion.

    Average household debt in the UK equated to £58,360 including mortgages, although when added to the 2009 budget figure for public sector net debt expected in 2013-14, this figure rises to £116,200 per household.

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