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    Debt management is a necessity for many people at the moment, making it "very relevant" to those struggling with money problems, it has been said.

    It is worth considering that every person will have different needs matching their circumstances, the article for the Mirror stated, with people needing to enlist the help of a UK company.

    This will enable people to operate within the UK legislative system, the paper stated, which is crucial if the debt has been amounted in this country.

    People need to look around to ensure they find the best debt management plan for their needs, which can also encourage consumers to assess what sort of repayments they can afford to make, it added.

    More than a quarter (27 per cent) of people have taken on more debt, with eight per cent seeing their debt increase significantly, over the past 12 months, figures from moneysupermarket.com show.

    Of those who are still carrying debt, 14 per cent believe it will always be a part of their life and expect to live life in the red, the study also found.

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