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    British children consider debt problems and being poor to be a more frightening prospect than sitting exams, according to a recent study.

    Figures compiled by Abbey Banking show that one in four children aged 12 are worried about falling in to debt whereas only 19 per cent are concerned about failing their exams.

    The feeling among 11-year-olds was much the same, with 23 per cent telling pollsters that they were afraid of being poor and facing debt management problems when they are older.

    Among the 11 to 15-year-olds quizzed by Abbey, the boys were more likely to be fearful of an indebted future, with 27 per cent of make kids feeling this way.

    "The news is fairly extreme and shows just how much information children absorb," said Steve Shore, director of Abbey Banking.

    A report from Christians Against Poverty this week has shown that debt problems are being blamed for thousands of family breakdowns across the UK.

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