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    The debt problems accumulated in recent years are beginning to hit home with millions of borrowers around the UK, it has been suggested.

    Jamie Elliot, coordinator at the financial inclusion network Transact, insists that people are now facing significant money problems after a period in which it was very easy to access credit.

    Lenders were keen for their customers to borrow large sums via credit cards and loans but individual consumers are now having to tighten their belts in order to avoid the prospect of debt management disaster.

    "An increasing number of people are finding that their sums no longer add up," said Mr Elliot.

    "This is compounded by big increases in food costs and energy cost. A large number of people are already, very stretched," he added.

    Transact recently reported that people who consider themselves to be middle class are increasingly turning to their advisors for help with money problems.

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