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    A debtor who found herself with debts of more than £31,000 before she took action has spoken of how close she came to insolvency.

    Glaswegian Alexis Hall told the Scotsman that her shopping habit left her with debts through loans and credit cards of above £31,000, an "eye-watering" amount when she finally sat down and worked it out.

    "My disposable income had been shrinking each month with all the credit card bills I was having to make, so that eventually I was left with no choice but to face up to the fact I had a real problem," she explained.

    The charity Consumer Credit Counselling Service recently urged those struggling with debt following the Christmas period to avoid the January sales and aim to repay their existing borrowing rather than running up more debt.

    James Ketchell, spokesman for the charity, called upon debtors to begin budgeting and set themselves a timetable for repaying what they owe.

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