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    The nation is getting further into debt by spending more than they earn on a monthly basis, a study has found.

    Statistics compiled by Confused.com show that for every £1 earned in a year’s salary, a person will owe £1.02 in debts.

    Gemma Stanbury, head of savings, loans and debt at Confused.com, commented: "As we face continued uncertainty and increased financial pressures, it is good advice for all to become more aware of what they are spending and on what.

    "Where spend and debt can be reduced, efforts should be made to ensure it is done."

    This may involve enlisting the expertise of a debt management company, which could be of benefit to residents of Kingston-Upon-Thames where people are said to owe 169 per cent of their annual income.

    Furthermore, spenders in Surrey are found to have £2,000-worth of outstanding debts on their credit cards.

    According to figures published by the British Bankers Association in March, credit card lending has risen by £300 million with the annual growth rate reaching 8.5 per cent.

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