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    Reports which suggest the country’s economy may be on the mend are leading Britons to change their spending behaviour, it has been claimed.

    Findings from Unbiased.co.uk show the average Briton is borrowing 19 pence for every pound they save and during the first quarter of the year savings levels hit £14 billion.

    "The drop in savings could of course be an indication that consumer faith in savings returns and the low interest rates are still preventing people from utilising savings accounts," commented David Elms, chief executive of Unbiased.co.uk.

    He added that the fall in savings could be due to a lack of consumer faith in them, with consumers potentially "keeping their cash where they can see it" by opting for a current account.

    Research from NS&I shows Britons have saved an average of £86.35 each month over the last year, ending on a high of £90.12 during the winter months ending in February.

    Despite the current economic climate, the number of people who save money regularly each month remained constant throughout 2008 at almost half of the population (47 per cent).

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