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    Users of the Egg credit card will soon find that the minimum cash withdrawal fee has increased.

    The provider is imposing a minimum withdrawal fee of £5, marking a £2 increase on current levels, which will come into effect on May 28th.

    Customers will be expected to either pay this charge or three per cent of the total – whichever works out greater.

    It is believed that the measures are aimed at deterring people who make small withdrawals on their credit cards.

    CreditAction announced last month that total consumer credit lending to individuals at the end of January 2009 was £233 billion.

    Total lending in January 2009 grew by £1.1 billion; secured lending grew by £1.9 billion in the month; consumer credit lending grew by £0.3 billion, it also found.

    Throughout January 2009, Britain’s personal debt increased by £1 million every 40.6 minutes, whereas in January 2008 it increased by £1 million every 5.3 minutes.

    CreditAction also reveals that the average interest paid by each household on their total debt is approximately £3,124 each year, which may lead them to seek debt management advice.

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