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    The charges being levied by household energy prices will continue to increase dramatically over the course of this year, it has been claimed.

    A report from the price comparison firm uSwitch.com, suggests that by the winter of this year, British families could be paying an extra 40 per cent to heat and fuel their homes.

    More than 1.5 million people are now thought to be living in fuel poverty and the rises in energy prices look certain to make their money problems worse.

    The average energy bill was worth around £912 in January of this year but by winter this figure could be as high as £1,467, uSwitch.com has predicted.

    "The days of cheap energy are over," said the comparison firm’s director of consumer policy Ann Robinson.

    "If average energy bills do hit £1,467 by the end of 2008, spending on energy will account for five per cent of the average household’s net income."

    Last month, Citizens Advice launched a fuel poverty action programme with the aim of helping families with energy-related debt management or money problems.

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