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    Some Britons are reconsidering their spending habits in an attempt to save money, new research shows.

    Findings compiled by Abbey Credit Cards, however, show 55 per cent of people are looking to reduce their spending on food this year, with a proportion still failing to cut costs where necessary.

    In addition to this, just 41 per cent of people are thinking of reducing travel costs and 48 per cent are considering a cut back in entertainment.

    According to Abbey, some shoppers are even turning to car boot sales and charity shops in a bid to cut costs, with 30 per cent of those questioned thinking of making savings on their financial products this year.

    Research from Nationwide recently found that 23 per cent of consumers believe now is a good time to save – the lowest figure seen since the savings survey began in April 2008.

    More than double the amount (47 per cent) of people think it is a bad time to save, marking a four percentage point increase on November’s results, and 28 per cent think it is neither a good nor bad time to save.

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