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    It is easy to understand how levels of personal debt in Britain have risen so high, an expert has suggested.

    Jim White, a commentator with the Daily Telegraph, has claimed it is not necessary to study the subprime situation or global economic data.

    Rather, it is the banks’ willingness to lend money which is causing debt levels to rocket, he stated.

    Mr White highlighted his teenage son, who has just started his university course, as an example of banks’ irresponsible lending.

    The teenager has been given a £1,250 overdraft and will continue to spend until the bank is able to charge him interest, the reporter continued.

    He added: "There was a time when banks did their best to keep us from debt. Now they lure us in. Who is being irresponsible here?"

    Last year, Citizens Advice called for regulators and companies to take greater action to prevent soaring debt.

    Teresa Perchard, director of public policy for the charity, claimed that it continues to see people in "desperate straits" who are suffering because a lender has behaved irresponsibly.

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