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    Internet-based fraudsters are finding more ways of getting hold of people’s details, it is believed.

    Nick Drew, director of e-commerce operations at ClickandBuy, says some consumers are aware of this but others need to be savvier when they shop online.

    "If several payment options are available, then it means that the website is likely to have been vetted and cleared by multiple payment companies," he continues.

    Mr Drew believes UK consumers are "creatures of habit" and tend to stick to their favourite method of payment.

    If the latest statistics from Apacs – the UK payments association are anything to go by, then this is likely to include plastic cards, which equated to 66 per cent of all spending last year.

    Two-thirds of card spending was made on debit cards, while cheque usage on the high street continued its decline.

    Mr Drew thinks that to be able to protect themselves while making purchases online, people need to be aware of the secure transfer facilities offered by websites.

    Retailers are, however, starting to realise the benefits of these, which could spell good news for consumers.

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