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    Older people often lack an awareness of which products could help them make the most of their money, it has been said.

    According to Adrian Lowcock, senior investment advisor at Bestinvest, Isas may be a good place to invest money, as people can benefit from "massive" returns.

    "A lot of people who aren’t in retirement, who are 20 or 30 years away from retirement, they could get quite a large nest egg in ISAs and then therefore avoid paying tax on that," he suggested.

    Mr Lowcock told older generations that they can invest £3,500 in a cash Isa, which will grow in value to £4,100 in 12 months.

    He added that this was quite a large saving to make on an income, especially if people are reliant on it.

    Savers who rely on the interest they receive on their savings deposits for a significant proportion of their income, have been hit hard by the recent decline in interest rate, the Halifax recently said.

    It revealed that only a third (33 per cent) of savers over 65 are registered to receive gross interest.

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