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    A number of mortgage lenders throughout the UK have refused to join a government-led plan to support those at risk of repossession.

    The Homeowners Support Scheme was launched by Gordon Brown and helps those unable to make payments on their mortgage to defer some of their payments for up to two years.

    However, a number of high street lenders have failed to get behind the scheme, with only those that are part-nationalised showing their support.

    Speaking to the Times, Ray Boulger of John Charcol said: "This scheme may be useful for a small number of homeowners but for other borrowers it could make the situation worse."

    The scheme is aimed at those who are eligible for income support, yet experience loss of earnings though either a job loss or a pay cut.

    Among the banks to have taken the measures on board are Lloyds Banking Group, Northern Rock, Royal Bank of Scotland and Bradford & Bingley.

    Critics believe the scheme will defer a spike in repossessions but will not benefit those repaying their mortgage over the long-term.

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