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    Following its national Mind Week campaign aiming to raise awareness of the effect that problem debt can have on mental wellbeing, UK charity Mind has suggested that lenders should address debt more responsibly.

    Commenting recently, a spokesperson for the group said that for some people, being chased by collectors can be a harrowing experience.

    More than nine out of ten (91 per cent) of respondents to a recent study carried out by the charity said that debt troubles had made their mental health worse.

    The representative said that a common reaction to debt troubles is to withdraw from it rather than seeking help or pursuing measures such as individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs).

    "We are calling on banks to keep to the Money Advice Liaison Group guidelines about how to treat people who have problem debt and are experiencing mental health problems," she said.

    The Money Advice Liaison Group enforces a code of practice to ensure that lenders treat those with debt trouble appropriately and fairly.

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