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    British consumers are being hit in the wallet as inflation "kicks in" and their pay is swallowed up by higher living costs, an expert has asserted.

    Chris Tapp, director of money charity Credit Action, has warned that many people are being forced to use credit cards just to meet their day-to-day expenses.

    He said utility bills and the cost of food is rising, squeezing the incomes of many British households.

    Mr Tapp warned that using a credit card each month in order to manage is an unsustainable scenario and urged debtors to seek help.

    "If you are using your credit card to pay your mortgage, it’s a worrying indicator because you can’t do that forever," he added.

    Credit Action compiled figures which show average consumer borrowing through credit cards, overdrafts, finance deals and personal loans rose to £4,713 per British adult by the end of last year.

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