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    Millions more Britons are now worrying about their day-to-day finances, it has been reported.

    New research carried out by the Resolution Foundation found that many of those people who earn less than £27,000 a year and who do not qualify for state aid are becoming increasingly stressed about the state of their personal finances as their disposable income levels shrink in the wake of the credit crunch.

    Indeed, one in five of those polled by the organisation revealed that they now worry "all the time" about money, with many not knowing where to turn for help.

    Furthermore, the study concluded that many low earners in the UK have fallen into an "advice gap", meaning that they do not earn enough to be attractive to many professional service providers though they are also not able to receive support from voluntary agencies.

    Meanwhile, the research also found that consumer confidence in banks and building societies continues to fall, with under one in three Britons now happy to approach them for financial advice, compared to 45 per cent in 2007.

    Earlier this month, a study by Bestinvest found debt management to be the number one concern for a growing number of UK homeowners.

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