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    Millions of British homeowners face a shock to their finances when their current mortgage deal expires, it has been claimed.

    According to Fool.co.uk, almost three-quarters of all people with a fixed-rate mortgage arrangement will feel the financial pinch when they come to find a new deal and for many this will mean increased debt management pressure.

    Unfortunately, many homeowners are also having to face up to the spectre of repossession and one in 20 people with a fixed-rate deal in place are planning to sell their property when it expires.

    "Many homeowners will feel the full force of the credit crunch when their special-rate mortgage deals come to an end," said David Kuo, head of personal finance at Fool.co.uk.

    In related news, recent figures compiled by personal finance education charity Credit Action have shown that the typical British household now has more than £57,000 worth of debt, including their mortgage arrears.

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