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    The housing market needs to be stimulated by mortgage lenders freeing up more money for their customers.

    Steve Turner, head of communications at the Home Builders Federation, revealed that measures are already in place to help the situation, but that more needs to be done to push them through.

    "The crux of the issue in terms of the housing market is getting banks lending again at sensible rates to people who want to buy homes," Mr Turner added.

    He also made calls for more money to become available to home builders who are experiencing a lack of demand at the moment, leaving many development sites "mothballed" throughout the country.

    PropertyLive.co.uk reported earlier this month that 65 per cent of non-homeowners believe they will never own a property.

    In addition to this, the website discovered that five per cent believe they will have to wait more than five years to secure a mortgage.

    The study also showed that ten per cent feel they will have secured a mortgage in one to two years’ time, while 14 per cent suggest it will take between two and five years.

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