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    Many parents are finding it financially difficult to cope with the recession, according to new statistics.

    The Post Office found that 64 per cent are worried about paying their weekly food bill, while the stress is also shown to be taking its toll on lifestyle choices.

    Nearly half (48 per cent) of those questioned said they were eating badly and 22 per cent are smoking more as a result of the financial stresses they face.

    "Understandably, the recession has got everyone keeping an eye on their finances, but unfortunately the downturn has caused stress for millions," commented Duncan Caesar-Gordon, head of protection products at the Post Office.

    He added that people need to make sure the money they do have is secure, which may include taking out an income protection policy or seeking debt management advice.

    The Association of Investment Companies revealed earlier this month that parents are also finding it hard to fund their children’s further education.

    It found that 74 per cent had increased financial pressures, while 42 per cent of students believe it will take them over ten years to repay their student debt.

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