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    Many people who experience debt management issues feel there is a stigma attached to their problems, it has been said.

    Turn2us spokesman Rob Tolan revealed that those facing difficulties often find it hard to discuss them with their closest family and friends.

    "The stigma very much exists, and given the current state of things economically, unless people do start talking about their situations and facing up to it it’s going to spiral more out of control," he continued.

    Issues can be addressed sooner if people are more open about their problems, Mr Tolan said, which involves getting over the fear of communicating debt management troubles.

    According to statistics released by Credit Action in July, total UK personal debt at the end of May stood at £1,459 billion..

    Average household debt in the UK is £9,305 excluding mortgages, but increases to £58,360 when taking mortgage debt into account.

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