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    Britons who fail to plan for the financial futures of their loved ones are walking a "financial tightrope", it is believed.

    According to Skipton Financial Services, those who are anticipating the Tories may scrap inheritance tax are opening themselves to long-term financial difficulties.

    "Even if the Conservatives are voted into power, the state of the country’s finances at present makes it by no means certain that they could afford to implement it, even if they still wanted to," comments Andrew Barker, chief operating officer at Skipton Financial Services.

    He adds that adopting a "wait and see approach" could prove to be costly, advising people to address their future finances before it is too late.

    People who assume they know what will happen in the future are at most risk, the organisation believes, which could lead people to consider debt management guidance.

    More than a year after the introduction of the inheritance tax transferable nil rate band, nearly three out of five people are still unaware of the new rules and the tax implications, according to research from Standard Life.

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