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    Paying by plastic cards abroad could be one of the safest ways for people to pay, it has been said.

    Addy Frederick, PR assistant at Apacs, the UK payments association, revealed that people who have cash stolen are unlikely to get their money back, which is one of the merits of using a credit card.

    "If you pay for anything over £100 and under £30,000 and it it’s faulty or you don’t get it, you can claim back for it under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act," she also pointed out.

    Travellers need to make sure they have their card issuer’s address and emergency phone number to hand, the PR assistant added.

    Abta, the travel association and the UK Cards Association recently found out that UK cards were used more than ten times every second in overseas transactions last year.

    Last year Britons used their plastic for £27.8 billion worth of overseas transactions, the UK Cards Association said.

    There were 317 million overseas transactions on UK-issued cards last year, amounting to just over three per cent of all cards transactions, it also revealed.

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