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    A report from Egg has highlighted the extent of the financial squeeze currently being put on consumers and households around the UK.

    Millions of Britons are suffering with money problems and the average individual needs around £1,077 in order to pay their household bills, buy food and meet their debt management demands on a monthly basis.

    In addition, the financial services firm’s research found that around half of the UK’s workforce would not be able to support their families for more than four months if they became unemployed.

    "As a rule of thumb, it has long been considered sensible for families to have cash savings of at least three months income, for any of life’s emergencies," said Tobias van der Meer, head of consumer banking and investments at Egg.

    "However, our research highlights that far from being a precaution, these savings are a necessity."

    Alliance & Leicester reported this week that the rising cost living in the UK has prompted thousands of borrowers to consolidate their debts in recent months.

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