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    Many people are thinking of postponing their retirement as they cannot afford to stop working, new research suggests.

    Findings from the Prudential Class of 2009 retirement survey show 25 per cent of those considering delaying drawing their pension in 2009 now expect they will not retire until 2012.

    In addition to this, 42 per cent believe it will be beyond 2012 before they can retire, which may encourage them to seek debt management advice.

    Martyn Bogira, director of DC solutions at Prudential, comments: "Now more than ever it pays to seek early retirement advice from an independent financial adviser and we would suggest that people start planning for their retirement early."

    He adds that it is vital for people saving for their retirement to start planning early, which will help reduce the impact of problems in the economy and falling stock markets.

    Official statistics revealed earlier this week that life expectancy at birth in the UK has reached its highest level on record for both males and females.

    Men are now expected to live to an average of 77.2 years and 81.5 years for women.

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